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Wellsville Mattresses

Wellsville Mattresses doesn’t compromise on its value of products. They are named after the Wellsville mountain range that overlooks our offices. It reminds the user of beauty, strength, and support. This is why they always manufacture the coziest mattresses that even the pickiest person will enjoy. All Wellsville beds aim to cool, align, and support the body. Crafted from high-grade materials it’s quality and comfort are undeniable. You’ll see, once you purchase a Wellsville Mattress, you’ll make sleeping a top priority.

Mattress Materials

We have something for everyone! Wellsville premium mattresses are engineered from materials like gel-infused memory foam, active cooling material, and natural latex. They combine to together to make an unmatched comfort that cannot be found in any other bedding brand. With an included 10-year warranty you can rest easy at night knowing that you're covered.


  • Phase changing material which happens when the small microcapsules in the mattress oscillate temperatures to which makes liquid particles solid and then back to liquid. This was originally designed for NASA astronauts.
  • Gel Memory Foam allows for cooler sleep. When combined with the gel beads on the top layer they change phases which allows for heat to dissipate. You get the best of both worlds.

Wellsville Bed Sizes

They also have a variety of sizes available starting from the king, twin XL, twin, full, split queen, queen, split California king, and California king, they have every size ready for you to enjoy your sleep. Wellsville is one of the few mattress brands that provide both split and adjustable beds.