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Twin XL Mattresses

Twin XL Mattress Dimensions

Twin XL mattresses are essentially longer twin mattresses. They have the same width dimension of 39 inches, which means you still cannot comfortably share the bed with anyone else. However, the XL measures 80 inches in length, a full half foot of extra leg room compared to a traditional twin.

Twin XL Beds

Imagine this: you have a tiny home and have to give up on your dreams of a huge bed in favor of a more reasonable size. Twin mattresses here are a great option. However, your height means that your legs constantly dangle off the foot of the bed. This is undeniably uncomfortable and inconvenient for taller sleepers.

So what do you do? Do you curl yourself up into a ball and force yourself to fit in the bed?

Well, with a twin XL mattress, you don’t have to. This is the ideal mattress size for homeowners with limited square footage who don’t want to feel cramped in bed.

Who Are Twin XL Mattresses Made For?

These specific dimensions make the extra large twin ideal for taller adults who have floor space limitations. That way, you get to enjoy your sleep nice and comfortably while still having space around your room to get around.

XL twins are also ideal for use in dorm rooms, shelters, camps, and similar non-home situations where you might not be able to predict the height of the person using the bed.

Pros of Twin XL Mattresses

  • They are longer and therefore accommodate a larger variety of people. 
  • They are great if you are trying to save on space. 
  • They are versatile and come in handy in temporary shelter situations. 

Cons of Twin XL Mattresses

  • They can only accommodate one person at a time.