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Queen Mattresses

Queen mattresses can provide your body with the essential support it requires after a lengthy and tedious workday. However, not everyone will find these mattresses big enough for a comfortable sleep.


Queen-size beds have a globally acclaimed standard size of being 60″ x 80″. Though it is slightly smaller in with when compared to King mattress, it is bigger both in length and width when compared to double bed, making it perfectly suitable for couples, elderly individuals, and children.

How Many and What Type of People Would Enjoy Queen Mattress

Nowadays, Queen size mattresses are among the most sold bedding size across the globe. Because of its size, which is in every way greater than the double size mattress, it is a perfect bedding solution for the elderly as well as adult couples providing them with extra width to snuggle and also enough personal space for sound sleep. Queen mattress is undoubtedly great for individuals who prefer sleeping with their pets or with their arms and legs stretched out. It's also suitable for couples who love to sleep together, snuggling into each other but without any pets. Thanks to its extended size, it's also perfectly suitable for children. It can comfortably accommodate 2 to 3 children and provide them with enough space to play around, stretch out and get a deep sound sleep. However, Queen mattress isn’t suitable for those couples who love to sleep for their pets.


Mattress's quality is usually measured based on three different factors. First is the depth, the second is the size, and the third is its pricing. When it comes to thickness, what really matters is how comfortable a mattress is in itself, and its one of those factors that are related directly to the product quality, brand, and popularity in the market. Most Queen size mattresses available in the market have ranging between 12 to 18 inches thick. The thickness will also vary depending on the type of mattress you are planning to invest in. For example, a hybrid mattress will always be thicker than gel, or plush mattress owing to the fact that hybrid mattresses usually have two layers of padding.