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King Size Mattresses

Figuring out the size of the mattress you want relies on two main factors, how many people you plan on fitting in there and the room space you are working with. For those who need the most space, King size mattresses are the best option.

The king-size bed is without a doubt one of the most popular options. It is easily the biggest on the mattress style chart, standing at 76″ wide and 80″ long for the standard king. To put it in perspective, this means that it can fit 2 adults and 1 child comfortably.

Non-Standard King Mattress Dimensions

What many people do not know is that there are many types and dimensions of king mattresses available. For example, the Alaskan king mattress is 108” wide by 108” long and can fit 4 adults. The California king, on the other hand, is 72” wide by 84” long and fits only 2 adults.

The bottom line is that you figure out your needs in terms of space and how many people it can accommodate.

Who Are Standard King Mattresses Made For?

With its massive size, the king mattress is without a doubt the perfect option for couples. It would also be great if you have a young family with a co-sleeping infant or a toddler who loves crawling into bed with you. Pet owners who don’t mind cuddling up with their furry friends are also ideal candidates for a king size mattress.

Finally, don’t be shy about investing in a king mattress if you are a spread eagle or starfish-style sleeper. It will give you plenty of room to roll around and spread out as much as you want.

Pros of King Mattresses

  • They are spacious.
  • They give the room a grand look and feel.
  • Lots of room for extra kids or pets.

Cons of King Mattresses

  • Not ideal if you are short on square footage.