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Genesis L-Series Mattress

Genesis L-series mattresses reach its final state of the Gel-lenium! This is the peak of luxury at it’s finest. These luxury foams mattresses have broken through the barriers of comfort with its foam technology. You will feel the difference when you sleep on the L-series.

Whether you are looking for an opulent Firm bed, a Luxury Plush or the ultimate Pillowtop, we have you covered! Each one bringing a different feel to your sleeping experience. All Genesis L-series mattresses come with a Lifetime Limited Warranty

12" Luxury Foam Mattress

The team at Genesis manufactured the perfect fusion of foam layers to create the 12inch Genesis L-Series Mattress. It's built with 1-inch of FlowLux® Gel Quilted into Cover 2 -inches of FlowGel® Replenishing Recovery Foam 2 -inches of FlowTex® Ortho Support Foam 7-inches ofTrueCore® HD High Resiliency Support Foam. The Foam layers have been customized in a specific way to make it have a luxurious feel.

14" Luxury Pillow Top Mattress

The 14inch luxury pillow top mattress is the epitome of state of the art luxury foam technology. The L-series 14inch bed features 1-inch of FlowLux® Gel Quilted into Cover, 3-inches of FlowGel® Replenishing Recovery Foam, 3-inches of FlowTex® Ortho Support Foam, 7-inches of TrueCore® HD High Resiliency Support Foam. This is by far the most luxurious and softest bed made by Genesis Mattresses.