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Genesis G-Series Mattresses

The Genesis G-Series Mattress comes in 3 different thicknesses. These are the 12”, 10”, and 8” mattresses. The gel foam design and layer thickness are what make the difference. This, in turn, creates different effects in terms of comfort, softness and support to suit your individual sleeping needs. With the G-VolveGel® Revolutionizing Adaptive Foam you’ll be able to forget your pains and aches even exist.

12" Plush Feel

This option has the thickest individual layers of all the mattress sizes in the Genesis G-Series Mattress line. The 12inch bed features 2.5 inches each of the two gel layers and 7 inches of the TrueCore at the base and this easily makes this size the most softest and comfortable and is hailed for having a nice plush effect. It also strikes the perfect balance between softness and firmness with the thick TrueCore layer.

10” Medium Mattress

This is the medium thickness level that features 2 inches of the gel layers and 6 inches of the TrueCore layer. It is soft and comfortable, although not to the same extent as the 12 inch option. The 6 inch bottom layer also makes it less firm than the other choices in this line. It is therefore perfect if you are looking for something that is not too stiff and also not too plush.

8” Firm Bed

While the 12 inch is designed to be plush and soft, the 8 inch mattress have a firmer and almost stiff effect. This makes it ideal for users looking for more support, such as those with chronic with back problems. However, do not take this to mean that these mattresses are not comfortable, because it is. The 8 inch beds are just firmer than they are plush.