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Genesis Mattresses

Create a YES! moment with the the state of the art Genesis Mattresses. These hybrid mattress are based off the different atmosphere of ocean, tropical, and space. Each one bringing a different feel to your sleeping experience. All Mattresses come with a Lifetime Limited Warranty

We have something for everyone! Regardless if you are looking for a hybrid firm, a luxury plush or the ultimate pillow-top, they have all the bases covered. These mattresses embody what it means to pioneer comfort. They seamless blended luxury with support and allow you to sleep in the best of both worlds.

Genesis G-Series

The Gel Series represents the latest advancement in Gel and Foam technology. This mattress utilizes G-VolveGel® Revolutionizing Adaptive Foam to react specifically to each individual pressure point. 

Genesis L-Series

You haven't felt luxury until you've laid in a Luxury Series Mattress. This bed layers 3 different gel materials along with TrueCore® HD High Resiliency Support Foam to create a one in a lifetime feeling.

Genesis S-Series

Aloe Vera Covered Bed with Hybrid Spring Foam. This mattress uses TechnologyPostureCraft® Pocket Coils to control the amount of support you receive which is activated by motion.