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Full-Size Mattresses

Full-size mattresses, also known as double mattresses, provide its users with more sleeping space than twin or twin XL. These beds provide you with more than one foot in extra width. Until a few decades ago, full-size mattresses were standard size beds for couples. As the global economy progressed and mattresses became more accessible, they are now widely used to provide adults and children with additional space to stretch and have a good sleep.

What Type of People Would Full-Size Mattress Be Ideal For?

The full size mattress is an ideal solution for adults and children who like to sleep alone or with their pets. It is also ideal for couples who like to sleep together, but without pets.

On the contrary, this mattress is not so good for couples where either or both of them want a little more space to stretch or extend their arms while sleeping. It is also not suitable for elderly couples and those who like to sleep with their pets.

Apart from the extended with, there are lots of advantages to these mattresses, which makes them really worked your investment.


Full-size or double mattresses have a standard size of 54" x 75". Their size is about one foot wider than the twin XL mattresses, making them suitable for couples, adults, and children.

As for the thickness, it truly relies upon the quality and the brand preference. Some luxurious, high-quality full-size bedding can have up to 12 to 15 inches of padding so that its users can snuggle into their beds and enjoy the comfortable sleep they sorely need.


Both online and offline marketplaces are flooded with mattress brands, and most of them have good reviews from their former customers while also featuring low-cost price labels.

If you want to enjoy a comfortable sleep on a high-quality mattress without spending a fortune, then the full-size mattress is an excellent option for you and other family members.